Property Along Clarion River Sold to Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

On October 16, 2022, affiliates of Lyme Timber sold a 140-acre property located along the Clarion River in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC). The addition of this property to the 13,000 acres WPC has protected along the Clarion River since the 1970s will help protect the riparian area and water quality of the Clarion River stream, conserve forest resources, and provide for public recreation. “This was one of the few remaining unprotected properties along a 50-mile stretch of the Clarion River, so we’re pleased to protect this forestland for the species that depend on it and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy this rural and scenic part of our region,” says Tom Saunders, president and CEO of the Conservancy. Read More

New biking trails proposed for Sterling Run

Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is developing 20-30 miles of new biking trails in Cameron County, of which at least 10 miles are planned on Sterling Run, the conservation and public access easement donated to the state by The Lyme Timber Company. Completion of approximately 15 miles of trail is expected later this year, allowing for winter fat tire biking and in time for widespread use in 2023. Read More.

Mill Investment at Bradford Forest Creates Jobs

The new owners of Bradford Forest, The Lyme Timber Company and the Rossi Group, have returned the mill to full 5-day-per-week production after several years of operating at about 60 percent capacity under the prior owners. In April 2021, when Lyme Timber and the Rossi Group purchased the mill, it employed 82 people. Employment rose to 125 by the end of 2021, with another 15 hires underway now. These new hires are needed to complete staffing of lumber operations, expand the dimension mill business, and fill administrative roles

Steve Bukowski, General Manager, comments “It is great to see the plant back to capacity with new faces alongside our long-time employees. We are fortunate to have strong partnerships among the business owners, reinvesting in the sawmill operations while carefully managing the timber assets.”  Read More

Nearly 60,000 acres open to the public for hunting during the 2021-2022 season

Nearly 60,000 acres will be open to the public for hunting during the 2021-2022 season under the Pennsylvania Game Commissions Hunter Access Program. DMAP units include 5,112 acres in Elk County, another 3,032-acre tract in Elk County, 12,981 acres in McKean County, an 8,354-acre tract in Cameron and Elk Counties, and an approximately 27,000-acre tract in Cameron, Elk, and McKean Counties. Sunday hunting is allowed on Lyme timberlands on all days permissible by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. DMAP permits can be purchased through the Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS). Please see the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website for more information on DMAP units and permits.

Partnership between the Rossi Group and Lyme Acquire the Danzer sawmill in Bradford, Pennsylvania

Bradford, Pennsylvania – A joint venture between the Rossi Group and The Lyme Timber Company LP (“Lyme”) has acquired Danzer’s Bradford Pennsylvania sawmill, kilns, and related assets. The Rossi Group and Lyme plan to bring the Bradford facility, formerly known as Bradford Forest Products, back to full production, securing over 85 existing jobs and creating at least 20 new jobs in McKean County. The business will operate under its former name, Bradford Forest.

An experienced producer of Appalachian hardwood lumber, the Rossi Group will be responsible for the management of the sawmill and kiln operation.  Lyme and the Rossi Group also own the Emporium Hardwoods sawmill in Emporium, PA.  The two mills are expected to produce over 60 million feet of hardwood lumber per year.

Ted Rossi, President and CEO of the Rossi Group, said, “Pennsylvania has long been a focus for our business because of its globally recognized hardwood resource. Our investment in the Bradford sawmill complements our existing sawmill capacity and allows us to achieve desired scale, market diversification, and efficiency.”

Jim Hourdequin, CEO of Lyme, said, “We are proud to take on Danzer’s legacy of investment and stewardship of the Bradford mill. It is an excellent facility with an experienced team in a region known for its hardwood resource. The mill’s unique sawing capabilities and distinctive global markets help landowners like us manage lands sustainably in a manner that supports jobs and the local forest economy.”

Since 2017, Lyme has purchased approximately 160,000 acres of forestland in the region. Alongside its sawmill joint venture with the Rossi Group, Lyme has invested in several local forest products businesses, including Three Rivers Forest Management in Coudersport, PA and Northern Appalachian Log and Forestry in Coudersport, PA. With the Bradford investment, Lyme will directly employ over 220 people in the region.

Greg Lottes, Vice Chairman of Danzer North America and President of Danzer Lumber North America, said, “The divesture of the Bradford mill was a difficult decision for Danzer, but with our future focus on specialty hardwood products and surfaces, we sought out and found an excellent buyer and operator for the Bradford sawmill complex. The sale to the Lyme/ Rossi group will be good for the skilled and dedicated employees at the Bradford plant and the local community.  The combination of Rossi’s existing sawmill production and Lyme’s expanded timber base in Pennsylvania makes for great synergy with the Bradford complex.”

Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP acquire approximately 92,000 acres of forestland in north central Pennsylvania and southwest New York from Seneca Resources Company, bringing total regional forestland ownership to 159,000 acres

Affiliates of The Lyme Timber Company LP (“Lyme”) closed their acquisition of approximately 92,000 acres of forestland in north central Pennsylvania and southwest New York from Seneca Resources on December 10, 2020. The land is located primarily in Potter, McKean, Cameron, and Elk Counties, Pennsylvania, and the acquisition adds to Lyme’s 67,000-acre existing forestland ownership in the region. Three Rivers Forest Management, a business Lyme established in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, will manage the combined land base, which spans fourteen counties in Pennsylvania and five counties in New York. The acquisition reflects Lyme’s commitment to sustainable forest management and the forest products supply chain in Pennsylvania.

Lyme’s CEO Jim Hourdequin commented, “This is an exciting time of growth for our business in Pennsylvania. Seneca has managed the property for over a century to deliver economic and ecological value to the region. The land complements our existing land base, enables efficiencies in our operations, and provides access to a vibrant local forest products economy.”

Three Rivers Forest Management’s David Andrus added, “With this acquisition, we look forward to growing our relationships with local forest products businesses in northern Pennsylvania.”

Summer on Sterling Run

Sterling Run, now open to the public through a working forest conservation easement, offers high-quality streams for native brook trout fishing. Friends who fished on Sterling Run over 35 years ago when it was previously open to the public went back to find their favorite spots to discover resilient populations, catching dozens of trout with dry flies and releasing them unharmed.

Governor Wolf visits Emporium Hardwoods

Three Rivers Forest Management and Lyme joined the team at Emporium Hardwoods to host Governor Wolf and Secretary Dunn for a tour of the recently rebuilt mill and its technological innovations for high productivity and high quality jobs in the local forest products industry. Read more.

EPA Pisces Award

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized the Sterling Run Conservation and Restoration project financed by PENNVEST through Pennsylvania’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund program as an Exceptional Project in 2019. Read more.