Property Along Clarion River Sold to Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

On October 16, 2022, affiliates of Lyme Timber sold a 140-acre property located along the Clarion River in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC). The addition of this property to the 13,000 acres WPC has protected along the Clarion River since the 1970s will help protect the riparian area and water quality of the Clarion River stream, conserve forest resources, and provide for public recreation. “This was one of the few remaining unprotected properties along a 50-mile stretch of the Clarion River, so we’re pleased to protect this forestland for the species that depend on it and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy this rural and scenic part of our region,” says Tom Saunders, president and CEO of the Conservancy. Read More

New biking trails proposed for Sterling Run

Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is developing 20-30 miles of new biking trails in Cameron County, of which at least 10 miles are planned on Sterling Run, the conservation and public access easement donated to the state by The Lyme Timber Company. Completion of approximately 15 miles of trail is expected later this year, allowing for winter fat tire biking and in time for widespread use in 2023. Read More.

Mill Investment at Bradford Forest Creates Jobs

The new owners of Bradford Forest, The Lyme Timber Company and the Rossi Group, have returned the mill to full 5-day-per-week production after several years of operating at about 60 percent capacity under the prior owners. In April 2021, when Lyme Timber and the Rossi Group purchased the mill, it employed 82 people. Employment rose to 125 by the end of 2021, with another 15 hires underway now. These new hires are needed to complete staffing of lumber operations, expand the dimension mill business, and fill administrative roles

Steve Bukowski, General Manager, comments “It is great to see the plant back to capacity with new faces alongside our long-time employees. We are fortunate to have strong partnerships among the business owners, reinvesting in the sawmill operations while carefully managing the timber assets.”  Read More